our origins

kd visual is taking the heritage from more than 20 years of experience of it's mother company kunstdünger llc. the high design and quality standards in visual management from it's foundations 1995 to the foundation of the child company kd visual are still our highest concern.

about us: our product range has grown from year to year, developing constantly. Starting from new ideas we have come so far as to being a company selling over 3500 standard products in more than 80 countries all over the world. kunstdünger visual was created in 2018 following the footsteps…
from ideas to customers every product starts from a good idea. we hear often this question: “isn´t there a better idea to solve this problem?” or “do you have better alternatives?”. the most relevant input starts from our design team: through web researches, new products which are not yet part…
our showroom our showroom gives our clients a chance to see the whole range of kd products. in different theme sections you can discover our singage and visual management range to be creatively inspired. we offer fixing systems, signage systems, led banners, panels, frames with textile banners and solutions to…
kd visual is a specialised partner for visual management in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. our business partners are mainly distributors and resellers. fixing systems are also judged by advertising experts, architects, interior designers and window dressers; displaying systems are judged by printmakers and trade fair builders. our big product…

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kunstdünger - visual communication

kunstünger: an Italian design factory specialized in the field of three-dimensional communication.  the home of designers, artists and vendors, where clever ideas find their realization through standard solutions for pos, showrooms and office products.





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