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about us:

our product range has grown from year to year, developing constantly. Starting from new ideas we have come so far as to being a company selling over 3500 standard products in more than 80 countries all over the world. kunstdünger visual was created in 2018 following the footsteps of it's precursor kunstdünger llc that has become an internationally appreciated company selling tri-dimensional high quality products for visual communication. Our range includes a wide set of panel fixing systems, displays for digital prints, magazine holders, crowd control systems as well as furnishing and signage systems for shops, showrooms and offices. All our products are realized with high quality materials, modern design and first class production processes. Our multicultural support team is fast and customer friendly. besides german, english and Italian we also speak french and Spanish. our name is , like our products, a guarantee “products and solutions art made (kunst)- fertilizer (dünger) for clients.”


our priorities

creativity and originality, courage and innovation is what we have always been caring about. at kunstdünger these are already tried and tested concepts fused together with an innovative design. We believe in clear communication, loud and colorful: a leading brand, reliable and recognizable. we have a solid, positive, strong and innovative team, in which individuality has an essential role: every single staff member should take the role that they fit best into, suitable for their abilities, this is the only way we can personally grow and learn from each other. even though we are an international company, we don´t forget our origins and the spot we started from which is our region, South Tyrol. we support sustainable development and we turn, whenever possible, to local suppliers. Our products for visual communications have the power to make companies and corporations more attractive, nicer, friendlier, lighter and bigger: that´s what success is made of. kunst&dünger, a mixture of art and fertilizer, what else?

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kunstdünger - visual communication

kunstünger: an Italian design factory specialized in the field of three-dimensional communication.  the home of designers, artists and vendors, where clever ideas find their realization through standard solutions for pos, showrooms and office products.





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