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product development & production

from ideas to customers

every product starts from a good idea. we hear often this question: “isn´t there a better idea to solve this problem?” or “do you have better alternatives?”. the most relevant input starts from our design team: through web researches, new products which are not yet part of our choice list are added and the ones which are already there are bettered in order to render visual communication more immediate.

projects and development

everyone can have a new idea; the difficult part is to recognize if that idea will also be a successful one. to know if it is the right one, the idea has to pass through designing and development. we create 3d pictures with computerized simulation programs and check if it will be possible to realize the project and how much technical work it will take. an important point is also to find and choose suitable materials. finally we realize the first prototypes by using our 3d printers. Our internal 3d process gives us the opportunity to manufacture fast new prototypes and without a big waste of money.

building models and the first set

after passing our designer`s technical tests, we realize the first model and then the first set of products. during these stages we analyze if the idea needs to be reviewed or if it is ready for mass production. this stage includes load and handle testing accomplished by attested laboratories. 

mass production

our wide assortment includes products realized with different materials and through various processes: glass, aluminum, brass, wood, composed panels and acrylic, each article is produced by die casting or injection molding with its related and appropriate tools and stamps. we entrust highly qualified Italian suppliers with the realization of most of our semi-finished products. we have established a strong and long lasting collaboration with subcontractors, who are aware of our quality standards and able to answer our special requests in a short time and with high flexibility. furthermore, it is important for us to support our national economy. assembling: the most important part of our production is and will always be done by us. our semi-finished products are officially approved after passing our last check when arriving. our personal will thereafter assemble and pack our products. that´s how we have the absolute certainty that our quality standards are satisfied maintaining a high and constant level. senior employees who have been working for us for a long time know what we are talking about. we mark and insert our products into the catalogue only after a careful check. a good packing is important too, finally the product will reach you and make a good impression in your warehouse ready for resale. 

order fulfillment and dispatch

our order execution and dispatch is well organized in order to avoid as far as possible mistakes. our products are labeled, if possible, and provided with a code bar (ean13). bar codes are clear for each product and its related selling unit. every single order is carried out by the dispatch department and every order is checked by scanning. the scanning result is immediately compared to your order. If there is a wrong product, we are warned by acoustic and visual alarms. thus we can guarantee that products are correctly carried out, in terms of quantity and selling unity order. the final control stage includes a last check regarding the weight. our personal compares the calculated weight of the order to the real weight. our personal has been working for a long time with us in this department and has a big experience in composing every single order with great care and attention, so that the shipping, although with the necessary protection, will be as inexpensive as possible. 

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kunstünger: an Italian design factory specialized in the field of three-dimensional communication.  the home of designers, artists and vendors, where clever ideas find their realization through standard solutions for pos, showrooms and office products.





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